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These General Terms of Service (hereinafter "TOS") describe the terms and conditions under which the ElectronicTerritories SAS Group company (hereinafter "ELTEG") provides a resale offer of the creation of designs as part of the service of creating websites, provided by SOPIXI, (hereinafter the "SERVICE") to the user (hereinafter the "USER" or "PARTNER").

Access to this service is subject to compliance with these Terms of Use. Any user wishing to gain access must have been previously acquainted with these Terms & Conditions and must agree to comply fully.

Site content and design are not the responsibility of the ELTEG society .

Legal Notice:

Sopixi is a registered trademark with the INPI in Paris under the number 3721756

The site is published by Electronic Territories Group SAS (Elteg), a company with a capital of 88 901 euros, registered in Nanterre n ° B 511 626 376 Head Office 16 boulevard Garibaldi, 92130 Issy les Moulineaux.

1. Preamble

Elteg offers a complete technical solution for website allowing it to supply the customer with SaaS (Software As A Service) and global solutions to its clients, The USERS. In this context, it proposes to its USERS who wish to do so, tosel to other UT, complete templates (graphic and ergonomic creation).

After having been acquainted with the services likely to be taken on by the SERVICE, and after having taken in count the benefits of being able to use them, The USER logs in to, in order to benefit from the services described in this contract. Such benefits are defined in the description of the services on the website.

2. Definitions

Site: website for the publication of contents and, optionally, a micro-shop option.

Author: Person who holds an account, who writes and publishes on the Internet via a website.

Content: all elements (text, downloadable document, photo, video, link, banner ...) on the site.

Guest: anyone who has been invited by USER to leave comments or to publish as a writer.

Data: files and information under the sole responsibility of the USER and deposited on the managed ELTEG for Sopixi servers.

Sopixi is a service company ELTEG (hereinafter "Service"). Use of the Service is governed by these Terms & Conditions of Service Sopixi (hereinafter TOS) that apply to users who are partners of Sopixi and guests.

3. subject

These TOS constitute the entire agreement between the Parties. They supersede any proposal, agreement, written or verbal contract on the same subject and any previous commitment.

Adding any new contract or modification of any of these materials will have to be endorsed by an officer or other duly authorized representative of both parties and signed.

4. Nature and Extent of Services

The nature and extent of the Elteg services’ benefits are defined in the Special Conditions and in the Services’ Description.

5. Service Description

ELTEG provides each of its Partners with the opportunity to develop and host a mobile website on the Sopixi platform website below, named Site.

a. Sopixi services includes features allowing Partners to create, update and manage their website on the ELTEG platform.

They may also manage their “subscribers” databases,their assets, and their statistical data. Each site has one administrator access.

Any new feature related to the offer will be automatically subject to this Agreement, unless otherwise stated.

b. 1. Bandwidth and accommodations are provided for normal and reasonable use of the platform within a particular website, TPE, self-entrepreneur association, craftsman or small enterprise. Any misuse leading to over consumption of bandwidth and disk space may result in temporary or permanent closure of the site. ELTEG contacts the USER before any such sanction. A non-response from the USER within 15 days will result in suspension of the site.

c. Additional features, such as, by way of non-limiting example, the distribution of newsletters, video platforms (beyond 5 M ° per file) are not part of the services included in the subscription to the Sopixi platform and and will have to be ordered and payed directly to Sopixi by USER on the Sopixi platform.

d. By using the Sopixi platform to develop and manage his website, the USER agrees:

d. Using the Sopixi platform to develop and manage one's website, THE USER agrees:

1. That each page will have a discrete clickable "Sopixi" logo at the bottom.

2. The media provided by Sopixi in the library are subject to copyright and he therefore agrees not to use such media outside of the Sopixi platform.

c. General information on the use of the service:

The use of this service implies that THE USER must have access to Internet, appropriate hardware (including precise web browsers specified on the website) and the cost and maintenance are not part of Sopixi’s Service.

In the context of this use ELTEG may need to address a certain quantity of information THE USER (newsletter, administrative correspondence ...). This information is entirely a part of the accession to the service, they can not be refused.

d. THE USERS are responsible for the confidentiality of their password and account. They are fully responsible for all actions carried out on their behalf with their password.

As USER you agree to:

- Subscribe using your real identity with a valid email address.

- Immediately notify ELTEG in the case of misuse of your password or account or in the case of any other breach of security

- And ensure that you have logged out of your account at the end of each session through the "Logout" link provided for this purpose.

ELTEG is in no way to be held responsible for any loss or damage related to an error on the part of THE USER in the application of Article 5.

6. Special Conditions

In the case of a subscription to an additional payable service, the service can be entirely paid for at the beginning of the contract. At the end of the contract, the price could eventually be modified, due to changes in the cost of living and to the price’s various structural elements. THE USER will be notified in advance and by email, concerning the change of rates of the platform.

ELTEG does not provide payment solutions: it only relates banking providers with Sopixi users . ELTEG can not be held responsible for any problems related to the payment methods used by operators of the eBoutique.


ELTEG may be obliged to suspend and / or withdraw the Service in the event of a breach of this Agreement, and if Elteg’s requests for mediation to the Partner remain unanswered in a delay of a maximum of 15days or if the USER still does not meet his obligations after a maximum period of six weeks after the first Elteg alert(by all means at their disposal).

Such a suppression may lead to disabling and deleting of the user’s website or to impeding his access the his website .

THE USER expressly agrees that under certain conditions which have been defined below, ELTEG , may temporarily interrupt, and / or permanently remove the access to the Service and the Site by the User. The reasons for such an interruption include, but are not limited to, the following

a. any violation and other breach to the Contract unanswered by the Partner to the injunctions of Elteg.

b. any request from THE USER himself (request on belhalf of THE USER for his own account)

c. any judicial decision, complaint

d. any issue with the editorial content: offensive, illegal contents, any problem with the editorial content: offensive, illegal contents, defamatory, racist contents or of xenophobic nature, about inciting violence or hatred, suicide, or violation of intellectual property rights ... and any other illegal content as provided by the law concerning the obligations of the host. Although it is not illegal, pornographic content must be reported to Sopixi and can not be posted as long as no warning to minors has not yet been installed on the page ..

e. upon the specific and justified request of a third party on the dispatching of objectionable content of a site, and after discussion with THE USER.

f. maintenance operations.

g. any unforeseen technical problem.

In case of serious problems related to the nature of the content (item 7c, d and e), ELTEG reserves the right to immediately suspend the offending content as a precaution, to analyse potential problems without prejudicing the responsibility of the USER.

ELTEG can not be held responsible for the consequences linked to such a suspension other than in the case of a technical problem which can be attributed to ElTEG.

Furthermore the USER must acknowledge that in the case of a suspension of the Service, especially for the reasons listed above, that ELTEG will not be held liable for the USER or for all other third party for the suppression of an account, or of the access to the Service.

The USER agrees to:

*inform ELTEG without delay of any content of illicit nature, of which he could be aware,

*inform ELTEG without delay in the case of a complaint or actions of a third party concerning the contents, and in wider sense his site.

*to answer any request for information on ELTEG’s behalf, in the shortest delay, in case of a misunderstanding.


This contract lasts for an unlimited period of time. Each party will be able to put an end to it with a notice of three months in the case of Elteg putting an end to the contract. In the case of recurring problems in the relationship between ELTEG and the USER, ELTEG will be able to choose to put an end to this collaboration with the USER, with a 3 months notice to allow migration to another platform.


THE USER may put forward the request for ELTEG to forward personal data concerning him and to correct it if necessary, in accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 concerning computers, files and liberties.

(Statement (CNIL N ° 1365767). The USER may update all the data himself in the administration interface of his account.

ELTEG may be disclosed to communicate such information in the context of legal submissions.

All information collected by SOPIXI is subject to the CNIL.


THE USER is fully responsible for any action taken in his name on his behalf, he is also responsible for any actions carried out by people invited on his website and to which the Administrator has given rights to (in moderation, writing, publication, etc.) and any other action linked to his website.

The USER undertakes to immediately notify ELTEG in the case of the:

* Misuse of his account

* Any violation of the safety rules

ELTEG can not be held responsible for any loss or damage related to a non respect by the USER concerning his security obligations .


ELTEG acts as an intermediary via the Sopixi Service .The price of the creation is freely determined by the UT,creator of the template. It is the amount that the UT, creator of the template wishes to receive in case of a purchase of his creation, plus ELTEG’s profit margin for its linking , distribution, hotel and billing,services as well as taxes. At the end of the month, and in case of sale, UT, creator the template, listed as "Designer" can be paid by generating an invoice for ELTEG. In order for this operation to take place, the interface provides him with access to a button that triggers the sending of all the information needed to make up this bill. The payment takes place at the end of the month that follows the months in which sale took place.


a. Content issues

USER acknowledges that the responsibility for any information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, drawing, video, hyperlinks, message, good, product, service or other content (hereinafter Content) is that of the person who created and / or posted this content.

And so it is USER, not ELTEG SAS, which is solely responsible for all Content that it uploads, publish, transmit or make available via the Service.

ELTEG does not control the Content posted and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content.


a. Content issues

USER acknowledges that the responsibility for any information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, drawing, video, hyperlinks, message, good, product, service or other content (hereinafter Content) is that of the person who created and / or posted this content.

The USER and not ELTEG SAS, is solely responsible for all Content that he uploads, publishes, transmits or makes available via the Service.

ELTEG does not control the Content posted online and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or the quality of such Content.

ELTEG may not be held responsible under any circumstance or in any way for any Content whatsoever, posted by USER or any person to whom USER would have given the right to publish, in one way or another .

ELTEG has every right to refuse, suspend, delete or move any contents made available through the Service, if the content is manifestly illegal and / or in the case of a judicial withdrawal request. ELTEG may well, in particular, remove any Content that violates the TOS.

The USER acknowledges and agrees that ELTEG may retain offensive content and communicate it in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements or in good faith and honest belief that such preservation and communication must be reasonably required:

1. compliance with any legal proceedings,

2. the application of the TOS,

3. treatment of any complaint about Contents that violate the rights of third parties.

The User recognises that the technical operation of the Sopixi platform may imply changes necessary to conform and adapt to technical restrictions and to the evolution of systems and equipment.


THE USER declares that he will not:

a. download, publish, transmit or make available any Content which would be illegal (intrusive to people’s privacy, defamatory, hateful, racist, anti-Semitic or offensive for any other reason, etc.) or sell any products or services that are against the laws and regulations, or for which he would not have permission or the required licenses.

b. will not counterfeit

c. respect the rules of emailing by avoiding to :

i.send emails to many people who have not asked to receive these emails

ii. send an extensive amount of emails that would include a false or wrong address of s

iii. promote his own website by publishing several identical messages in public forums;

d. he must avoid interfering and to interfere with the Service or servers or networks connected to the Service and not to omit to respect any constraints, procedures, policies or regulations relating to networks connected to the Service;

e. he mustn't violate, whether it be intentional or not, any law, whether it be local, regional, national or European;

f. He admits to being responsible for every legal declaration (including CNIL) that would be required for the launch of his website.

g.he will not seek, by any means made available to him, to circumvent the ELTEG system including by removing the Sopixi logo .

h. He must display, in his relations with partners and Sopixi and Customer Support teams a proper and respectful behavior. Any abuse may lead to his account being deleted.


ELTEG alone holds all the rights, property rights and interests, including all Intellectual Property rights, applicable and relative to Technology which covers all programs, algorithms, codes, and more generally all elements implemented in his Sopixi solution, the Content available directly on the platform, except all content provided by USER, and the Sopixi Service platform.


The USER agrees to indemnify and extricate ELTEG, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, agents, partners, business associates and employees from any claim or demand, including in the case of reasonable attorney's fees generated by any third parties because of the content published on their site, their use of the service, the activities of their guests, their connection to the service, the violation of these TOS or any other violation of the rights of others.


The USER agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any part of the Service, use any part of the Service or any part of the access to the Service without the express permission of ELTEG.


ELTEG reserves the right to modify the whole service or a part of it at any time, as part of the evolution of the platform.

Elteg will do it’s best to maintain the Service’s functionalities at a satisfactory level and undertakes to maintain by all means this level. ELTEG can by no means be held responsible for any indirect or direct damage, loss of information or data and the earned income for any reason whatsoever.

ELTEG undertakes to do its utmost best to allow the USER to continue his work if the modification or termination of all or part of the Service were to cause a profound prejudice, for example while supplying a permanent or temporary SOPIXI licence to a trusted third party, following the service interruption, allowing him to migrate the sites onto another host.


The user may be notified by email or by post. Updated information is made available on the website including updates of these TOS.


The contract constitutes a complete agreement between ELTEG and the USER, and defines the use of the Service by the Users in partnership, and prevail over any previous agreement between ELTEG and the USER ( including, without limitation, any prior version of contract).

The USER can also be subject to any other additional terms and conditions, which may be applied during the appeal to the members or to other ELTEG SA services.

If one of the conditions of the contract or related documents was considered null, void or invalid, the parties accept nevertheless that the disputed clause should be interpreted taking into account the intentions of the parties, nullity of clauses having no incidence on the validity of any other clause of the contract.

This contract is regulated by the French law. In case of a dispute or disagreement as to the interpretation, performance or achievement of one of these items and in the absence of agreement between the parties, only the Courts of Jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris will be competent.

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